Policies today stand such that importing waste matter into a country is counter-productive. Local waste needs to be manufactured. A weird statement. Manufacture waste? Isn’t waste the result of manufacturing in the first place?

At DRIPL, we not only offer recycled products, but also the ability to set up your very own Recycling Facility. Your commitment towards the EPR initiative, helping you achieve your objective and placing you in the center of a Circular Economy !

Turnkey Solutions – that include everything from Schematics to Machinery, a customized Project Design with comprehensive engineering – the fabrication and the machines themselves from the ground up.

We won’t just give you the machine and leave you to it, we will be there every step of the way – from installation, starting up, testing, calibration and even the training to ensure that your own team delivers the same standard we expect from ourselves – the standard of saving the planet.

Materials We Recycle