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Also Known as
 'The Recycling Company'

Deluxe Recycling India Pvt. Ltd. has become a pioneer in creating India’s first recycled chipboard since its inception in the year 1999. With over 2,00,000 sq. ft. area for warehousing scrap and installed production capacity of over 1250 metric tons per month, we are equipped to meet the specific and high-volume requirements of our clients.

The Ecological Footprints

At Deluxe Recycling we persistently strive to ensure a clean, green and wholesome environment. The products we offer are eco-friendly alternatives that help both, our customers and us, reduce the existing carbon footprint and solve the problems caused by poor waste management.Some of the ecological benefits of our products are:
  • Zero Gas Emissions
  • Zero Water Effluence
  • Zero Solid Waste – Any rejection in the manufacturing process is reused again. There is no post production side waste.
  • Limitless Life Cycle – Our sheets can be recycled again into composite sheets.

Waste Management

“If  you’re disposing of your waste in a hurry, that’s the real waste of time.”-Mr Lillytree Banyan
If you are in haste to dispose of your waste, it leads  to a fundamental issues that is known only to a few. The issue of Environmental Disintegration. Nobody is a fan of foul odour, noise, dust. We  don’t like being subjected to it. Hence we strive to ensure that we don’t subject others to it. Hazardous wastes can cause serious health problems, significant pollution and the leaching of toxins or nutrients into groundwater and land.

At Deluxe Recycling,  we aim to tackle this long term and dangerous problem of poor waste management by taking plastic and other waste materials that can not be ecologically disposed of and compressing them, to form our chipboard.

According to reports from Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: For every breath man takes – a single use plastic bag is consumed. Hence polymer is produced at a massive scale worldwide, at the same rate as we breath out Carbon Dioxide. On an average, production of plastic globally crosses 150 Million Tons Per Year. – that’s about 22 Million Elephants! Through Wrapping, Shopping and Garbage Bags, Fluid Container, Clothing Toys, House Hold and Industrial products – it is estimated that approximately 70% of plastic packaging products are converted into plastic waste in a short span.

Only 60% of the plastic waste generated in the country is recycled leaving 40% either landfilled or ending up polluting our sacred rivers streams or ground water resources. Of the 40% – some of it takes as much as 450 years to decompose – the rest – NEVER decomposes. EVER. This is what we refer to as – improper collection and segregation systems of Waste. This NEVER EVER decomposing villain, becomes a Hero in our company – it becomes the CHIPBOARD – the waste becomes the ZERO-WASTE-HERO which recycles chipboard after chipboard. After use, they can be shredded and remade into a brand-new board without wastage of any material.

Your Waste is our Wonder, your garbage is our God, and your Plastic is our Prophet. Imagine a world where Wastage in production is used as the primary product of Production – a product like ours is surely a Waste of Money worth investing in.

Sustainability with Responsible and Safe Production

Cutting commercially available Plywood’s, Particle-Boards & MDF can release Formaldehyde, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide in the case of Amino Resins, and Phenol in the case of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins

Formaldehyde is classified by the WHO as a known human carcinogen.

NOT A PROBLEM FOR US – the reason being that our boards are made using compression technology and do not contain any resins or formaldehyde glue. They are completely safe to use in homes or industrial spaces. Safety is our primary concern in production.

Cutting Trees has been frowned upon since Adam plucked the apple off the tree, but then what’s the alternative? How can we eat an apple without plucking it off the tree?

The answer is – ECOLINK ! – Instead of cutting down trees, we use Tetra Pak, Multi-Layer Plastic, Road Waste, Poly-AL Waste, which are all difficult to decompose and in most cases practically impossible.

Hence, we do not waste, and when we do, we use that waste to make more products. The same product that prevents trees from being cut down.

The term – “it feels as solid as wood,” is now – “ it feels as solid as Chipboard” – because solid is not just a physical feeling – solid is your mindset – your Eco-Responsibility, and contribution to a Greener, Cleaner, Safer Earth.