1. What is ECOLINK?
   ECOLINIK is chipboard like material, which can be effectively utilized to replace wood, & other
   wood based panel materials such as Plywood, Particle Board, etc.

2. How does Ecolink help the environment?
   The Ecolink chipboard is made from the factory packaging waste of multi-layer cartons.
   Currently Ecolink is being used for mass applications in Industrial Pallets, Secondary
   packaging and Interiors. So it is a direct substitute for wood , a resource that is so precious.

   Through out the process there is zero water affluent, zero solid waste out throw, and zero gas
   emission. Last but not the least Ecolink can itself be recycled in the same process.

3. What are the available sizes of Ecolink Board?
   Ecolink is available in following sizes
   Length: - standard 8ft
   Width: - standard 4ft
   Thickness: - 3,4,6,8,12,18,24,30,35,40 mm.

4. What are the applications where ECOLINK can be used?
   ECOLINIK can be used for many applications. Furniture, Wall & Ceiling Paneling, Construction & Fair (Exhibition) Material, Partitions, Stationary, Door & Window frames, Pallets & packaging material are to name a few.

5. How can one procure Ecolink?
  We have a dedicated network of Channel Partners who in turn have extensive dealers / retailers under them. In areas un-represented, we serve our customers directly. Please send in your valued business query for our necessary action.

6. How to glue ECOLINK to other material?
   Any rubber based glue can be used to directly stick other material on ECOLINIK.

7. How to paint ECOLINK?
   PU based primer should be applied thoroughly on the surface before applying paint on the
   surface. We recommend PU based paints to get best results. For best results it is advisable    to sand the surface thoroughly prior to applying any coat.

8. How is the water resistance of ECOLINK?
   ECOLINIK is highly water resistant material.

9. What is the effect of Termite / Borer & other Pests on ECOLINK.
   ECOLINIK is termite, borer & pest resistant material.

10. What is the lifespan of ECOLINK?
   Ecolink products are everlasting, all weather proof non degradable, will not rot, rust, splinter or crack.

11. Can ECOLINK be worked with regular woodworking tools?
   Regular woodworking tools can be used to work with Ecolink. To get good cutting edges panel saw with counter blade arrangement is recommended.

12. How is the fire behavior of ECOLINK?
    ECOLINIK is "B" class fire behavior material i.e. It would burn like any other wood based    material.